Accepted Paper List

NOTICE: For all accepted papers, please zip your source files of your camera-ready version and send them to by 23:59 April 15 (PDT).

The following Accepted Paper order is solely based on the submission no.  Congratulations to all authors!

Full Paper (Within 12 pages) 

3. Zhun Zhong, Zongming Li, Xiaoxia Sun and Runlin Li. Unsupervised domain adaptation dictionary learning for visual recognition.

6. Senuri Wijenayake, Timothy Graham and Peter Christen. A Decision Tree Approach to Predicting Recidivism in Domestic Violence

7. Liang Zheng, Yali Zhao, Shengjin Wang, Jingdong Wang, Yi Yang and Qi Tian. On the Large-Scale Transferability of the Convolutional Neural Network. 

10. Tong Chen, Xue Li, Hongzhi Yin and Jun Zhang. Call Attention to Rumors: Deep Attention Based Recurrent Neural Networks for Early Rumor Detection.

15. Chengyuan Zhang, Lei Zhu, Weiren Yu, Jun Long, Fang Huang and Hongbo Zhao. Efficient Top K Temporal Spatial Keyword Search.

16. Ibrahim A. Ibrahim, Abdulqader M. Almars, Suresh Pokharel, Xin Zhao and Xue Li. Interesting recommendations based on hierarchical visualizations of medical data

17. Jun Long, Lei Zhu, Chengyuan Zhang, Shuangqiao Lin, Zhan Yang and Xinpan Yuan. HOC-Tree: A Novel Index for ecient Spatio-temporal Range Search.

18. Chengyuan Zhang, Lei Zhu, Jun Long, Shuangqiao Lin, Zhan Yang and Wenti Huang. A hybrid index model for ecient spatio-temporal search in HBase.

19. Md Shahzamal, Raja Jurdak, Bernard Mans, Ahmad Ei Shoghri and Frank De Hoog. Impacts of Indirect Contacts in Emerging Infectious Diseases on Social Networks

Short Paper (within 6 pages)

8.  Meng Xu, Jiajun Cheng, Lixiang Guo, Pei Li, Xin Zhang and Hui Wang. TwiTracker: Detecting and Extracting Events from Twitter for Entity Tracking

14. Tong Chen, Hongxu Chen and Xue Li. Rumor Detection via Recurrent Neural Networks: A Case Study on Adaptivity with Varied Data Compositions